Need to Know

To ensure everything remains ducky at the Town of Gabriella, we have written the following rules and regulations for the safety and enjoyment for everyone attending our events as well as the performers’ safety. We want all our events to be free of dangerous or violent acts, negativity, discrimination, hostility and illegal activities. Any of you lunkheads who are unwilling to follow these rules is requested to not attend. Anyone caught breaking any of these rules while at the Town of Gabriella will be told to immediately skedaddle and will be escorted to the exit. So, no bellyaching if we catch any ya’ll breaking the rules, because we warned ya!


  • No Live Ammo! All guns will be checked upon arrival. Blanks are allowed, but they are not to be loaded until shortly before you perform.
  • You must have re-enactor insurance. We must have a copy of your proof of insurance before arrival so we can check for validity. A couple companies where you can purchase re-enactor insurance is and
  • Absolutely no fowl language allowed in your shows. We will have families present, so all shows must be family friendly.
  • You will be required to sign a Waiver of Liability upon arrival to the Town of Gabriella. If you should unfortunately be injured during one of your performances, that is what your re-enactor insurance is for.
  • You will be required to sign a Photo Release form prior to performing. We will be taking photos and videos of performances and placing those photos on marketing materials, social media sites and this website. Anyone not okay with having their picture taken should not perform.

    Need to Know - the Rules

    No Bellyaching About ‘Em Rules

  • You must not be intoxicated or high before or during performances, so lay off the rotgut hooch! Absolutely no illegal drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine, heroine, etc. allowed at the Town of Gabriella. If you have prescriptions for certain drugs, please bring proof of doctor’s prescription.  We will accept medical marijuana cards as proof of doctor’s consent. New Mexico is still remaining tough on their marijuana laws. The recreational use of marijuana is still illegal in New Mexico and can result in you being sent up the river, depending on the amount of weed.  Plus, the Town of Gabriella could face liability consequences if any of their performers are in possession of it and/or use it for recreational purposes.
  • No alcohol will be allowed during the annual event (9:30am-5:30pm). However, it will be BYOB after hours and during the private dinner (6:00pm – 10:00pm or so). You must be 21 years of age or older. Be sure to have your ID on you.
  • We won’t accept any guff from you!  No negativity, threats or disrespect towards other performance groups, individuals or anyone associated with the Town of Gabriella. If a problem arises, please try and resolve the issue peacefully and respectfully with the other party. After that, if the problem still exists and is serious enough, you may bring it to the attention of someone with the Town of Gabriella.
  • No dogs allowed. Service animals only. Must present paperwork showing proof your dog is a service animal. Cats are fine if you are bringing an RV as long as the cat remains in the RV for its own protection.  Coyotes are always lurking about.
  • No unsupervised children allowed. If you bring your children with you to the event, be sure they are under parental supervision at all times.  No one else is responsible for your children except for you, the parent.
  • If someone not part of your show walks through your performance area during a show, you MUST immediately stop the show and explain to the audience and especially the person who walked through your show, why you had to stop the show and have a brief safety discussion. If that person gives you any guff, no worries, you will get our full support. We got ya’ back on this one!
  • A meeting about the expectations of all performers will be held at least one day prior to the event. At least one member from each performance group is required to attend, preferably someone in a leadership capacity who can represent the group.  Otherwise, your group will not be allowed to perform.
  • Due to recent incidences and strong concern in the news regarding guns, a demonstration and/or discussion about gun safety prior to the beginning of your shows will be highly appreciated. It will show families how serious we all are about gun safety and awareness. Don’t engage in any political debate on the issue. Just focus on gun safety.
  • During the weekend of the event, you are required to be in period correct wardrobe while walking through the Town of Gabriella. This aides in creating an authentic atmosphere.
  • We are on a high fire watch so no camp fires.
  • Be sure you clearly designate your beginning and ending of each of your performances. For example, at the end of your performances, have one of your re-enactors shout out, “Gunfighters Up!” or “Shadow Riders Up!” or some equivalent phrase.
  • Please be open to the general public asking for photos taken with the performers before or after performances. By creating happy photographic memories, families are likely to return for future events. Don’t turn people away when they make such requests, if at all possible.


  • No weapons allowed at the Town of Gabriella.
  • Service animals only. No dogs allowed. Must have proper paperwork for service animals. Cats are fine if you are bringing an RV with you as long as they stay in the RV for their own protection.  Hungry coyotes are everywhere around Gabriella.
  • No unsupervised children allowed at Town of Gabriella. Unsupervised children could get hurt if they run into the street during a gunfight performance.
  • Photographs are definitely allowed and encouraged. However, if taking pictures of performances, be sure to not cross into the performance area during the shows.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and make sure you are not walking in the performance area during a show. Not only could you get hurt, but you will be in the soup with the performers. The show will have to immediately stop and you will be made as an example of what NOT to do.
  • We are on a high fire watch so no camp fires.
  • No alcohol will be allowed during the annual event (9:30am-5:30pm) due to safety reasons. We do not mix gunfights and alcohol. However, it will be BYOB after hours and during the private dinner (6:00pm – 10:00pm or so). You must be 21 years of age or older. Be sure to have your ID on you.
  • Be sure to bring plenty of dough with you for food vendors, stage coach tickets, souvenir vendors and other purchases. There are no ATM machines at the Town of Gabriella.
  • Have a great time and tell us about your favorite things about the Town of Gabriella! Feel free to post to your social media sites and hashtag #TownOfGabriella and #MeetandGreetGunfight.

Please show your cooperation by following these rules and regulations without being uppity. Thank you and look forward to seeing ya’ at our event!