Larry and Janet ‘Missy’ Iams have been building their 1880’s western town for several years now, which is continually being built to become the largest and most authentic western town in Catron County, New Mexico, where the notorious outlaw Thomas “Black Jack” Ketchum lived during the mid 1880s. Their goal is to preserve the American old west history. With some still under construction, accommodations include:

  • a hotel and log cabin
  • dance hall and saloon
  • billiard hall
  • old-time photography studio (camera equipment not included)
  • old-time barber shop (including an antique barber chair)
  • old-time stagecoach

Activities which can be arranged given our accommodations are:

  • stagecoach rides
  • chuck wagon dinners
  • dances/classes
  • weddings
  • private parties
  • mounted shooting
  • gunfight reenactments

Currently the Town of Gabriella is being utilized for the following purposes:

  1.  a western movie set/film location (primary purpose)
  2.  a  wedding venue
  3.  a private party
  4.  an 1800s gunslinger reenactment

If you are interested in using our town for your next film site, please contact us today so we can help make your movie a reality.  Our town was delighted to have been the film site for Midnight Shanghai which is a feature film about the truth behind the Chinese railroad workers during the 1860s.  No matter what your budget is, we will do our best to work with you so you can make your dream of making a western movie a reality.  Be sure to peruse the Local Talent we have available for hire and read over our Film Resources page so you can familiarize yourself with everything that the Town of Gabriella here in New Mexico has to offer.

If you have any questions about the Town of Gabriella, feel free to contact us or call one of the numbers listed or send us an email.

Click below to watch a video on the Town of Gabriella!