As we work hard to build the Town of Gabriella, we could always use a few helping hands.  If you find it in your heart to want to help, here are some areas in which we need help:

New Door leading to the saloon. Built by Larry and David Hight

  • Labor / Carpentry – If you are good with a hammer and a power drill, we could use you. You do not need to be a licensed contractor to help us with the physical labor needed. All you need is a love of the west and a pair of good working
    hands.  We need help with lifting and carrying lumber, woodworking, cabinetmaking, restoring, renovating, painting, building, remodeling, hammering, framing, chiseling, sawing, drilling, etc.  So if you are as solid as the wood we work with, we want your help.  We are tackling a wide variety of construction repairs and remodeling projects. Recently, we installed new double doors with stain glass razzle-dazzle windows that open up into the saloon making it more grand.
  • Costumes / Wardrobe – If you have a shebang of period correct wardrobe that you would like to donate to the town, we would love to have it. It will definitely go to good use. We are in need of scads of ladies razzmatazz Victorian dresses and hats, saloon outfits, boas, boots of all sizes, cowboy vests, holsters, cowboy hats, scarves, chaps, spurs, wigs, fishnet stockings, vintage purses, gloves, parasols, and more.
  • $ Money $ – And, of course, if you have a scadoodle of dough to give to help our cause, we will happily take that off your hands for you. If you are willing to share your riches, we will share our friendship and hospitality. Please donate through our GoFundMe site.  We thank you in advance for any donation that you can make towards our goal of $25,000.