Towels & Patches & Caps



We hope you have already booked your trip to our Meet and Greet Annual Gunfighter Event and are looking forward to a great weekend of gunfights, shopping, stagecoach rides, chuck wagon dinners, cowboy poetry, and so much more. A very talented women, Sara Northrip Kirkendall  is selling handmade towels, patches and caps with the Town of Gabriella memorabilia on them.  These will make great souvenirs that you can have with you at the event to help remember the fabulous weekend you will have at the Town of Gabriella.  Plus. the prices are super awesome.  The patches are $2.50 each, the towels are $5.00 each and caps are $10.00. Click on the link above to contact Sara via Facebook and order your towel, cap and/or patch today.  Pre-orders will guarantee you will get your towel, cap or path at the day of the event.  Thank you for your support.  Looking forward to seeing your beautiful new towels, caps and patches at our annual event.