Getting Ready: Annual Meet & Greet 2018

Need to Know

As we all begin to pack up our cars and plan for our trip out to the Town of Gabriella this coming weekend for the Annual Meet & Greet, there are a few things we have to remember and keep in mind.  Considerations must be provided for the safety of the public and the re-enactors at the Town of Gabriella as well as the image of the Ol’ Wild West.  Special events like the one we are putting on this weekend, present the potential for accidents resulting in staff, re-enactor, or visitor injuries and the resulting possibilities for legal actions.

To minimize the potential risk, we require all re-enactors and members of the public to read and abide by everything outlined on the Need to Know as these regulations will be implemented and enforced. These are in place is to insure that all personnel and re-enactors understand and respect the extreme importance of the correct safety procedures for the handling of and
the safe demonstration of weapons, and that the equipment is utilized is in a safe condition.  As mentioned on the Need to Know, anyone unwilling to follow everything outlined, we ask that you re-consider attending the event this weekend.  We reserve the right to remove any individual or group from the property if unsafe acts are observed of if the rules are violated.  When arriving to the front grate, remember that firearms must arrive on site UNLOADED and in working order to be ready for full inspection by a designated Safety Officer before the beginning of of our event this weekend.

Guns & Child Safety

We are looking forward to having and your children at our upcoming event.  However, we ask that you please first talk to your children prior to coming about the expectations and safety guidelines that are mandatory.  For instance, you can you do any or all of the following with your child before attending the Annual Meet & Greet or any of our special events where guns will be present:

  1. Start with the Basics: Make sure your children know to not run or walk into the street during a performance!  Make sure they know to watch the shows from the sidelines and not be at either end of the street.  Explain to them why this is necessary and that guns can be dangerous.  If they ever find a gun, they should not touch it, but should get away and tell you or a trusted adult immediately.
  2. Role Play: Think of some possible scenarios where your children might find a gun.  Role play these scenarios and have your child practice the skills and actually practice running away and telling you about finding a gun they find.
  3. Simulate Peer Pressure: If you have teenagers, a good idea is to add peer pressure to the scenarios. Role play another teen trying to convince your teenager to pick up the gun. Make the peer pressure seem real and encourage your teen to practice, even if your teen thinks it is “silly”or “stupid.”  For reenactment groups, if you have younger re-enactors that look as young as teenagers, consider writing a brief skit simulating peer pressure.
  4. Test and Re-Test: Take time to test your kid. Place a real-looking replica of a firearm somewhere in your home where your child will see it when you are not in the room. They should come tell you about the gun. If they don’t, use that opportunity for more practice.

Schedule of Events

Below is the tentative schedule of events. Please note the venue is subject to change.

schedule of events

Schedule of Events: Annual Meet & Greet 2018

Vendors and Groups

The following vendors and groups will be there this weekend. Please be sure to stop by each of the vendors and show them your appreciation for coming out by checking out all of the neat stuff they will have you to purchase.

annual gunfight 2018

Vendors & Re-enactor Groups for the Annual Meet & Greet Gunfight Event 2018

Thank You to Our Awesome Vendors

At the heart of a successful event is a group of reliable vendors.  We are thrilled that we have awesome vendors that have come back again to the Town of Gabriella for this year’s event. Please patronize them by making a purchase. That ensures they will come back again and again and will help the Town of Gabriella grow.

vendors for the annual gun

Thank You Vendors


If you have any questions for us, please send email to  or call  970-673-5845 (Cell) / 575-772-5114 (Landline). Thank you for being a part of our event this weekend and we look forward to having you. Everyone is sure to have a great time.